specialises in cutting aluminium sheet, copper sheet, brass sheet and stainless steel sheet metal to customers sizes

Copper Sheet Metal, Aluminium Sheet Metal, Brass Sheet Metal and Stainless Steel Sheet Metal has a huge number of different applications, and because of its flexibility and durability it is used in homes, industrial settings, and for architectural purposes. Virtually everywhere you look, sheet metal has a practical application. Flexible metal sheets can be further processed to provide the exact forms required for each application and they can be treated to ensure longevity and increased durability.

Meeting Your Copper Sheet, Aluminium Sheet, Stainless Steel Sheet & Brass Sheet Needs is a specialist in providing copper sheet metal, aluminium sheet metal, brass sheet metal and stainless steel sheet metal cut to customer's specifications. With no minimum order size, and no minimum order value, we provide copper sheet metal, aluminium sheet metal, brass sheet metal and stainless steel sheet metal products to hobbyists and DIYers as well as businesses and builders. Materials range from the ultra flexible aluminium sheet to a polished, mirror like stainless steel metal sheet finish. also offers metal sections that are cut, shaped, and prepared for use.


Sheet Metal has an abundance of uses. Around the home, door plates, splash backs, and crack proof mirrors are often created from metal sheet. Roofing and modern building structures rely heavily on durable and resistant stainless steel sheet while decorative elements can be added to any building using cuts of copper sheet, aluminium sheet, or brass sheet.

Metal Sheet Products

Brass Sheet

Well polished brass sheet is often used for decorative purposes. Door plates and home interior items may be constructed from brass sheet because it has a good finish and is considered to be very tough and durable but can also be worked when cold. Because of its good looks and reasonable cost, brass sheet is also widely used within the craft making and jewellery making industries.

Copper Sheet

Copper sheet is particularly easy to work with, even when cold. It can be easily bent by hand and is also a good material for soldering, stamping, brazing, and riveting. It will withstand environmental pressures very well and can give a good looking finish in many applications. Copper sheet is widely used in roofing, and around the home. Like brass, copper sheet can be used in craft and jewellery making because of its good looking finish and malleability.

Galvanised Sheet

Galvanised metal sheet is an incredibly tough and very durable material. It is easier to paint than other metal sheet varieties and is most widely used in outdoor applications for reinforcement or protection against the elements. Treated, galvanised sheet metal can last for very long periods of time although it is harder to work and shape than some of the softer metals - this is part of its appeal for some applications though.

Aluminium Sheet

Aluminium sheet is incredibly flexible in its appearance and finish. Various finishes can be applied in order to provide a unique looking metal sheet that can be used in a number of settings. It can be worked easily in order to generate virtually any shape, and aluminium sheet is light and easy to work with. Because it is easy to clean and largely stain and bacteria resistant, aluminium sheet is often used in the food and even chemical industry and is used to create many household and garden items that need to be weather resistant and light.

Stainless Steel Sheet

Stainless Steel sheet, created from various grades of stainless steel, is tough, corrosion resistant, and can be finished using various methods to give very unique looks. Stainless steel sheet is regularly used in coastal areas because of how weather and water resistant it actually is. Lower grade stainless steel sheet is also used indoors because it can be brushed and polished to give a shiny finish. Stainless steel sheet has many uses, and can be moulded to almost any shape, this is why stainless steel sheet is regularly used in the automotive and similar industries.

Metal Sections

As well as cutting sheet metal to size in order to meet our customer's needs, we also carry a stock of metal sections. These include flat bars made of brass or aluminium in a range of sizes, and angles in aluminium, stainless steel, and brass. We are constantly updating our stock to include new items and can often make pieces to order, so please contact us if you don't see the item you are looking for.

Metal Products

Stainless Steel Sheet metal has a lot of different uses, both in and outside homes, as well as in industrial applications. Door security products include cladding as well as kick and push plates or cover strips. Marine grade stainless sheet can be used to create boat fittings as well as other items for marine and coastal applications. Magnet boards, mirrors, and splash backs need to be durable and hardy as well as looking good. At we have a range of these products made to order, with no minimum order size or cost, and delivered nationally or internationally.
stainless steel sheet is a specialist stainless steel sheet, copper sheet, brass sheet and aluminium sheet metal provider. We deal with orders of any size and any cost, and offer fast delivery services in the UK as well as internationally. A wide range of metal sheet materials, grades, and finishes ensures that our customers can get the product they want at a price they need. We pride ourselves as being one of the best stainless steel sheet, copper sheet, brass sheet and aluminium sheet metal providers in the country.